Wednesday, January 21, 2009

eternal fountain of youth

Is there an eternal fountain of youth that will help you stay younger and healthier?

Believe it or not, the fountain of youth does exist. This fountain was founded by Ponce De Leon in St. Augustine, Florida.
While the “claimed” benefits of the fountain may be folklore, we have more control over staying young and healthy than most imagine.

Modern science offers us a whole host of options, from staying young to reversing the process. But what if you don’t want to utilize drugs and surgical procedures?
What if you want something simple and natural? Keep reading.

Much of the research now states that a vegetarian diet, fasting, and calorie restriction will slow the aging process. While these may sound extreme, they do work. But, there’s an easier place to get started.

The most important factors in staying young and healthy are diet and nutrition, then exercise. Most people are aware of the benefits of diet and nutrition. Even so, 60% of Americans are obese. So, where do we get started?

I recommend starting with water. 80% of Americans are not drinking enough water. Not only is water needed for your body to be as healthy as possible, but hydrated skin is younger looking skin. The Dermatology association states proper water intake is the #1 way to keep your face looking young. Hydration comes from the inside. Here’s the formula – ½ ounce per lb of body weight is needed. If you drink coffee, tea, or soda you need to add those ounces to the formula. For example – 200 lb man needs 100 ounces of water. If he drinks 12 ounces of coffee, his water intake needs to be 112 ounces. This may vary per individual and activity level.

In regards to diet and nutrition, we must start adding fruits and vegetables. Ideally, 5-9 fruits and vegetables everyday. Lastly, adding a high-quality multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, and omega-3’s will allow you to add to the nutrition you’re getting through food. In the beginning, focus on adding things in, instead of taking things out of your diet.

Diet and nutrition is 50% of the picture. The other 50% is exercise. You must exercise to extend the length and quality of your life. Choose a form of exercise you enjoy and find opportunities to get moving. Park in the farthest spot at the grocery store, go on a walk with your kids, dance in your living room, get on your bike, etc. The point isn’t what you do for exercise, it’s that you just get moving. Start now!

Remember you can stay younger and live a healthier life. The choice lies within you, and is yours.

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