Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why do I have to go back?

Once you see a chiropractor, why do you have to go back?

This is one of the most common questions I get.
The truth is, you don’t have to go back.
Most of our practice members make a choice to come back and experience “wellness care”.
Let me explain why and what chiropractic is.

When you see your dentist, he/she is concerned with the health of your teeth.
Your eye doctor is concerned with the health of your eyes.
Your chiropractor is going to look at the health of your nervous system and spine.
Why? Because your nervous system controls the entire body, from your muscles and joints to your heart, lungs, and reproductive system, etc.

In our office, we use technology that allows us to look beyond pain and see the entire picture. How you feel is important, but how you function is part of the bigger picture. What does that mean?
Well, 10% of your nervous system’s job is to tell you there’s pain. 90% of the nervous system is dedicated to the function of your body (ie- muscle tone, heart beating, lungs breathing, digestive tract working, etc).

When you’re nervous system isn’t healthy, you aren’t healthy.

Most people come into our office with some sort of ache or pain. Our first phase of care is “relief care”, where we work on getting your pain/discomfort under control. This part of your treatment plan is usually accomplished before the slower healing soft tissues, muscles, and ligaments have a chance to fully heal, preventing a relapse. With relief care only, you take a chance that the original condition will not only return, but possibly come back worse than it originally was.

Many of our clients make a choice to come for Stabilization and Wellness Care. This is where we work on making corrections to the structure of your spine, so that your original problem will not return.

Here’s an analogy. If you go to your dentist and he finds a cavity, you get the cavity filled (relief care). When leaving the dentist’s office, you are told to brush and floss in between visits (stabilization care) to prevent additional cavities. Lastly, you are told to return in 6 months for a check-up (wellness care) so that small cavities can be caught early and taken care of.

What if your dentist filled your cavities and sent you on your way, telling you to skip brushing and flossing and just return if or when you feel pain in your mouth? Would you fire your dentist? I hope so.

Listen, we don’t make choices for our clients, we simply offer options and empower them on what these options mean.
Some people choose “relief care”, but most people are looking for the benefits of wellness care – prevention and a higher quality of life.

Either way though… the choice is yours. We’re here to serve you on whatever level of care you’re ready to accept.

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